Haiti survived the deadliest event of its lifetime.


On Tuesday, 12 January 2010, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake devastated the nation of Haiti. The death toll is estimated at over 160,000+ while the effects are still being felt to this day.  Over 3,000,000 people were affected and recovery efforts are still under way.  Among The Reeds was founded in response to this great need.  We believe everyone deserves a chance to rebuild their lives.  We are committed to doing this one community at a time.


Rebuilding lives. One person at a time.


When we invest in people we invest in the future.  We believe hope exists for everyone in Haiti and are committed to bring positive change in these key areas.




Building Relationships

Investing in leaders that desire change is the first step toward long-term stability and vitality for a community. Meet the dedicated people with great vision whom we support that are striving for positive change.


Building Communities

In addition to great leadership, healthy communities need medical and educational infrastructure and support.  Learn more about the ATR projects in Haiti that help build great communities.


Building Bridges

We live in a very big world filled with amazing people with similar hopes and dreams. And sometimes the best way to help is a short-term trip oversees. Find out how you can make an impact in Haiti.

Beautiful Haiti.


From the people to the culture, there is more beauty in Haiti than you can imagine.  Beyond the very real and desperate need, those who call Haiti their home strive to make their story known and provide a hope and a future for their children and grandchildren.  Be a part of their story today.